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In BackpackerU, professors will discover a comprehensive repository of global education resources meticulously curated to facilitate academic exploration and collaboration. The platform houses an array of materials including articles, videos, podcasts, and books spanning a wide spectrum of academic topics. This extensive collection not only aids in the logistical planning and curriculum design of study abroad programs but also provides a rich vein of content for a diverse range of academic pursuits.

The collaborative essence of BackpackerU enables professors to engage with peers, share insights, and work collectively towards creating enriching global learning experiences. The platform's unique feature of "chunks" allows for the curation of tailored collections of resources, facilitating a structured and personalized approach to academic exploration. This collaborative environment serves as a conduit for new ideas, practical solutions, and a shared academic endeavor in orchestrating enriching study abroad experiences.

Beyond a mere resource hub, BackpackerU fosters a thriving community of seasoned educators and study abroad professionals. Being a part of this community opens avenues for valuable mentorship opportunities, advice, and support in effectively planning and managing study abroad programs. Through BackpackerU, professors can significantly enhance the educational content, cultural understanding, and overall academic experience of their students, making each study abroad venture a more engaging and meaningful endeavor.


BackpackerU is a shared knowledge base to help global educators and study abroad professionals, and is created by Summit Global Education.



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