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Welcome to BackpackerU, a creation of Summit Global Education, designed to be your compass in the vast world of backpacking adventures. Our mission is to empower aspiring backpackers with the knowledge, skills, and community needed to embark on life-changing journeys around the globe.


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Our Story:

The seed of BackpackerU was sown when a group of avid backpackers and educators at Summit Global Education envisioned a platform where the allure of unbounded exploration meets the power of structured learning. Our shared love for travel and education led to the birth of BackpackerU, a space where seasoned backpackers and novices come together to learn, share, and inspire.
Our Philosophy: We believe that the world is the best classroom and every journey is a story waiting to be told. At BackpackerU, we strive to foster a community of lifelong learners and adventurers, encouraging the free exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Our Offerings:  BackpackerU provides a robust platform featuring expert-led courses, personalized advice, and an engaging community forum. Whether you are planning your first backpacking trip or looking to enhance your existing travel skills, we provide the resources and community to help you on your way.


Join Us:  Whether you’re an aspiring backpacker, a seasoned traveler, or someone with a knack for teaching, there’s a place for you at BackpackerU. Join us in making the world a more explored and understood place, one backpacker at a time.

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From Summit Global Education, BackpackerU is your stepping stone to globe-trotting adventures. With expert-led courses, personalized advice, and a thriving community, we equip you with the essentials to traverse the world confidently.


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