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Welcome to BackpackerU, a creation of Summit Global Education, designed to be designed to be a comprehensive repository for global education resources. Here, you can find links to an extensive library of curated materials across a multitude of academic disciplines, facilitating a collaborative environment for professors and study abroad professionals.

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Our Story:

The journey of BackpackerU began when educators at Summit Global Education envisioned a platform that could bridge the gap between the academic realm and the vast global education resources available. The idea was to create a centralized hub where academic minds could converge, share, and evolve through access to a wealth of educational materials. Over time, this vision matured into what is now BackpackerU – a robust platform fostering academic collaboration and enriching the realm of study abroad programs.
Our Philosophy: At the core of BackpackerU lies the belief in collaborative learning and the boundless potential of global education. We are dedicated to creating a platform where academic professionals can not only access a vast array of resources but also engage in meaningful discussions and share insights. We believe that by fostering a community of curious minds, we can collectively contribute to the evolution of global education, making it more accessible, engaging, and enriching.

Our Offerings:  BackpackerU offers a rich resource library alongside a collaborative platform for academic engagement. Professors can delve into a wide spectrum of academic topics, curate tailored collections of resources, and engage with a community of seasoned educators and study abroad professionals. Our offerings are tailored to enhance the preparation and execution of study abroad programs, enriching the academic experience for both educators and students.


Join Us:  Embark on an academic journey with BackpackerU and become a part of a thriving community committed to advancing global education. By joining us, you gain access to a reservoir of resources and a network of like-minded professionals. We invite you to explore the vast academic landscape that BackpackerU offers, collaborate with peers, and contribute to the collective endeavor of making global education a more insightful and enriching experience.

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BackpackerU is a shared knowledge base to help global educators and study abroad professionals, and is created by Summit Global Education.



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