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Global Backpacking Skills: Learn to Travel the World

Why Backpacking Is Your Unbeatable Life Degree

Shared Resource Library

Our library extends beyond practical planning resources, delving into a vast expanse of academic topics.

Education embedded in Travel

Bite-sized lessons designed for global edcucators, and study abroad professionals

Learn from others who have global backpacking experience

BackpackerU is your go-to source for a wide array of resources tailored for global education. Our platform is all about bringing educators together, making it easier to find, share, and discuss the materials you need. Whether you’re shaping a study abroad curriculum, coordinating travel logistics, or diving into the customs of distant lands, we’ve got you covered. Our library is rich with content that’s handpicked for its relevance and usefulness to your programs.

Expansive Knowledge Base

Dive into a wealth of knowledge across various academic disciplines including international business, European politics, cultural insights, and essential travel safety. Our carefully selected resources aim to enhance study abroad programs and create a comprehensive educational experience for both students and educators.

For example, here are some popular collections. Click on them, and see what our library has to offer:

Travel Safety

Navigating Securely: Equip yourself with the knowledge to stay safe while traveling. Discover essential tips on health precautions, local laws, and emergency preparedness to safeguard your journey abroad.

Train Travel in Europe

Railway Journeys: Experience Europe through its railways, combining efficiency with panoramic views. Discover the ease of train travel across the continent, from network navigation to optimal rail pass use.

Packing & Travel Planning

Strategic Packing: Master the art of packing efficiently for your academic travels. Learn how to streamline your essentials, adapt to varying climates, and prepare for diverse cultural settings

Cross Cultural Communication

Diverse Dialogues: Develop the skills to navigate through the nuances of cross-cultural interactions. Understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and linguistic nuances in fostering effective communication.

Travel Around the World

Global Backpacking: Travel with confidence, equipped with our practical backpacking insights. From essential gear to navigating local transportation, we provide the key information for your worldwide travel adventures.

Budget Travel in Europe

Economical Explorations: Unearth the secrets to experiencing Europe without overspending. From affordable accommodations to cost-saving travel hacks, learn how to make the most of your budget while exploring Europe.

Our Mission is to Empower Global Travelers

Collaborative Platform: A space where educators can come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collectively craft impactful global learning experiences. Our platform encourages creative collaboration, offering fresh perspectives and real-world solutions to the unique challenges of planning and executing study abroad programs

Community Driven Learning

The extensive range of academic topics covered in the resource library enables a deeper exploration and integration of subject matter into the study abroad curriculum, enriching the academic experience for students.

Community of Experts

BackpackerU’s community includes experienced educators and professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in global education. Being part of this community can provide valuable mentorship opportunities, advice, and support in planning and managing study abroad programs effectively.

Join other global educators and professors at BackpackerU.  A community of teachers and study abroad professionals


BackpackerU is a shared knowledge base to help global educators and study abroad professionals, and is created by Summit Global Education.

BackpackerU serves as a centralized repository for global education resources, offering a platform where academics can collaborate, share, and expand their knowledge through access to a diverse collection of educational materials.


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Popular Resources

Travel Safety

Train Travel in Europe

Packing & Travel Planning

Cross Cultural Communication

Travel Around the World

Budget Travel in Europe