Who is this for?

University students.  Undergrad or Graduate-level students currently enrolled in university

Can I get academic credit for my courses?

Yes, most of our courses come with academic credit. 

How is this different than other study abroad programs?

You travel on your own, or with friends (or with family).  Then you take BackpackerU online.

Where can I travel?

Europe.  We currently offer programs in Western Europe only.  Recommended countries are:  France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, and Greece. 

Which courses can I take?

1.  Cross Cultural Communication
2.  Cross Cultural Management
… other courses are coming soon!

Will my university accept these courses for academic credit?

Most universities in the USA will accept these courses for credit.  We can help you with the credit transfer process.  Contact us

Can I travel with friends (or family)?

Yes, we encourage you to travel abroad with friends and family.  While traveling, you can take a course from BackpackerU (for academic credit).

Can I travel alone?

Yes, you can travel alone (and meet lots of other travelers on your journey).  While traveling, you can take a course from BackpackerU for academic credit.

How can I meet other students?

When you signup and login, you can choose to meet other students.  If you choose to share your location while traveling, we can show you other students who are traveling to the same location.  

Can groups (fraternities, sororities, sports teams) participate?

Yes, we encourage student groups to participate together.  You can travel together or separately.  Use our online system to visually see where members of the group are traveling.