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Who is BackpackerU for?

1. University students studying abroad (or planning on studying abroad in the near future)

2.  University professors and study abroad offices who are working with students going abroad

Who can login and save resources?

1.  Any student can create an account, and save content privately (only the student can see what they save)

2.  Professors and study abroad offices.  Note:  Only approved professors and study abroad professionals can save content publicly.  This means that professors have the option to either save content privately (only they can view), semi-privately to select groups, or publicly to anyone on the internet.  Professors have full control on the visibility of the content they save to BackpackerU.

Can students view resources?

Yes, but only the content that is made publicly available by professors.

Who is BackpackerU?

BackpackerU was created by Summit Global Education.   Learn more about us


From Summit Global Education, BackpackerU is an online digital resource for global travelers. The world is your textbook. Education embedded in Travel.  Professors: Find and share educational resources for study abroad programs.  



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