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🌍 BackpackerU serves as a comprehensive repository of global education resources, designed to facilitate academic exploration and collaboration. Our dynamic platform houses an extensive library of curated materials, offering professors a centralized resource for enhancing curriculum design, logistical planning, and cultural understanding in the context of study abroad programs

Shared Resource Library:

Our library extends beyond practical planning resources, delving into a vast expanse of academic topics. Professors and study abroad professionals will discover a wealth of materials across disciplines, enhancing both the preparatory and the immersive phases of study abroad programs. The collaborative feature of BackpackerU further enables the sharing and discussion of these resources among peers, fostering a rich academic dialogue and shared learning experience



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Resource Library:

Collaborative Platform:  Connect, share insights, and work together to create enriching global learning experiences. This collaborative environment can be a source of inspiration, new ideas, and practical solutions for common challenges faced in organizing abroad programs.

Community of Experts: BackpackerU’s community includes experienced educators and professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in global education. Being part of this community can provide valuable mentorship opportunities, advice, and support in planning and managing study abroad programs effectively.

Expansive Knowledge Base: With resources spanning a multitude of academic topics, BackpackerU serves as an expansive knowledge base. Whether the interest lies in history, science, literature, or beyond, the platform provides a rich vein of materials that can enhance the educational content of study abroad programs and offer a well-rounded learning experience.

Customized Learning Pathways:  The wide array of topics allows professors and study abroad professionals to create customized learning pathways. By curating “chunks” of resources across diverse subjects, they can tailor the academic journey to meet the specific interests and educational goals of their students, making the study abroad experience more engaging and meaningful.

Interdisciplinary Exploration: The variety of resources facilitates interdisciplinary exploration, enabling the integration of multiple subjects into a cohesive learning experience. This interdisciplinary approach can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the global context in which the study abroad program operates, enriching the academic and cultural immersion for students.


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Tailored Resource Collections:  The unique “chunks” feature allows professors and study abroad professionals to curate tailored collections of resources. This personalized organization facilitates more efficient preparation and delivery of study abroad programs, ensuring relevant materials are easily accessible.

Wide Spectrum of Academic Topics:  The extensive range of academic topics covered in the resource library enables a deeper exploration and integration of subject matter into the study abroad curriculum, enriching the academic experience for students.

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Shared collections of videos, podcasts, articles, books, and more
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What is BackpackerU?

BackpackerU serves as a centralized repository for global education resources, offering a platform where academics can collaborate, share, and expand their knowledge through access to a diverse collection of educational materials.

How do I get started?

Sign up or Login.   Then, feel free to search for content, save links to articles, videos, podcasts, books, and more…

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The library at BackpackerU is entirely free to use. You can log in and view all publicly-shared content without any charge.

How can BackpackerU complement my study abroad program?

BackpackerU provides a rich repository of resources and a collaborative platform that can significantly aid in the planning, execution, and enhancement of study abroad programs, ensuring a rich and rewarding global learning experience.

Who can benefit from using BackpackerU?

Professors, study abroad professionals, students, and anyone interested in global education can benefit from the extensive collection of academic resources and the collaborative community on BackpackerU.

What types of resources are available in the library?

The library houses a wide variety of resources including videos, podcasts, articles, books, and more, covering a myriad of academic topics and practical travel advice.

How do I create a "chunk" of resources?

After signing up and logging in, you can save resources that interest you and organize them into personalized collections known as "chunks" for easy access and sharing.

How do I contribute resources to the library?

Registered members can contribute resources to the library, ensuring it continues to grow and evolve. New members can initially save content only to their private repository. If you wish to publish content to the community, please contact us so we can modify your publishing permissions. We’ve adopted this approach to ensure the quality of contributions and to limit spam.

How can I collaborate with others?

You can add team members, friends, and colleagues to your account. Create private collections of content, accessible only to those you invite, ensuring a personalized and collaborative experience.

Can I collaborate with others on BackpackerU?

Yes, BackpackerU encourages collaboration among its users. You can connect with other educators, professionals, and learners, share resources, and discuss academic topics.

How often is the content on BackpackerU updated?

Our database is continuously updated with new resources. With our community-driven model, we guarantee that the content remains timely, pertinent, and beneficial.

How do I get in touch for further inquiries?


You can get in touch with us through the 'Contact' page on the Summit Global Education website or by emailing us at (info @ Our team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.


From Summit Global Education, BackpackerU is a dedicated platform fostering academic collaboration through a comprehensive library of global education resources. It serves as a conduit for enriched learning experiences in study abroad programs, enabling seamless sharing and exploration of diverse academic materials.



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